Solar Powered Canopy: ‘iSun Oasis’

$9,995.00 $7,500.00

The iSun solar canopy is a simple to install, beautifully designed gazebo like structure with solar panels perfect for a carport, patio or poolside enclosure

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The iSun Oasis is a beautifully designed smart canopy that captures solar power and sends it to the home grid, reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills. The durable and lightweight aluminium structure is easy to install in driveway, garden or patio, and extends the use of outdoor areas around your house. It is controlled and monitored via the iSun smartphone app, and functionality can be expanded with several accessories.

Can be purchased through FinanceIT at a monthly rate of <$100

Carport, Patio or Sundeck, Garden, Poolside Cabana

Curved solar panels –┬áiSun Oasis features high efficiency, flexible solar panels designed to optimize energy generation and work under all kinds of daylight conditions.

Durable Construction: With a warranty of 20 years, the iSun Oasis structure is made with lightweight yet extremely durable aluminium designed to withstand all-weather conditions

Energy Monitoring App
Smart EV Charger
110V or 220V with USB outlet
Wireless Speakers
Bug Nets


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